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​Understanding insurance​ Insurance can be a safeguard against financial loss. Get an overview on the types of insurance and understand the difference between life, health and general insurance.

9 lessons, total duration 36 minutes

What you will learn
  • Insurance basics
  • How to review your insurance needs
  • Comparing types of life insurance
  • Choosing the right insurance
  • What is direct purchase insurance
  • How to make sense of your insurance documents
Who it is for
  • Anyone interested in insurance
  • Working adults



Insurance helps to protect you against financial loss when certain events happen. General insurance covers you for risks such as a fire, accident or theft. You can also get insurance that pays you money if you get too ill or injured to work. Life insurance policies provide for your family when you're no longer around.

You will need some insurance products more than others.

This starter pack aims to help you understand:

  • The various insurance products and their purposes
  • The difference between life, health and general insurance, their features and benefits
  • How to choose the right insurance for you and your family

Last updated on 09 Nov 2018

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