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Seeking financial advice​
Learn about what advisers do, how they get paid, what you should ask, and how to check if they are licensed.

6 lessons, total duration 20 minutes

What you will learn
  • Where to get financial advice
  • How to work with your financial advisers
  • Financial needs analysis: how it's done
  • Importance of full disclosure
  • Questions to ask and what to look out for
Who it is for

Anyone buying insurance and investment products


If you have a financial need or goal but you're unfamiliar with how they can be addressed, seeking financial advice from a financial adviser is an option you can consider.

Only firms authorised by the Monetary Authority of Singapore to provide financial advice can do so. Such firms are called financial advisers. The individuals representing such firms are often referred to as financial advisory (FA) representatives.

This starter pack will give you a better idea of how to work with an FA representative. You'll also learn about:

  • Finding a financial adviser and an FA representative
  • When to get advice
  • What to expect from your FA representative
  • What to watch out for

Last updated on 05 Nov 2018

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