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Planning for retirement​​
Retiring well requires planning. Here's how to get started, from tips to create a retirement income to managing your finances during retirement.

5 lessons, total duration 14 minutes

What you will learn
  • Determining your retirement needs
  • Using CPF for your retirement
  • Understanding the options you have for retirement income
  • Constructing a retirement plan
Who it is for

Working adults




How do you view retirement? For some of us, it is a time to relax after a lifetime of work. For others, it is a chance to catch up on things we never had the time to do before, like travel or volunteer work. Whatever your aspirations, being able to enjoy retirement requires planning.

This starter pack will cover the:

  • Basics of planning for retirement
  • Importance of starting retirement savings early
  • Effects of inflation on your savings
  • Points you should take note of before starting your plan to build savings for retirement

Last updated on 07 Nov 2018

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