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​Buying a home you can afford​
Buying a home is our single largest purchase. Get an overview of the costs of buying property, and how to own one within your means.

4 lessons, total duration 17 minutes

What you will learn
  • Calculate the costs of buying a home in Singapore.
  • Assess your current resources to know how much you can afford.
  • Decide on a home that you can afford.
Who it is for
  • Anyone who wants to buy a home
  • Take note of your total savings in cash and CPF
  • Have an estimate of your monthly expenses

For most of us, buying a home is our single largest purchase and may need long-term financing to achieve.

This starter pack aims to help you learn the basics before buying, and helps you answer questions like:

  • How much is the downpayment? Can I use my CPF?
  • What can I afford? Which loan should I take?
  • What are the costs and fees involved in buying a home?
  • How do I manage my housing loan repayments?
  • Are there grants and schemes which I can qualify for?

At the end of this guide, you will have a better idea of what it takes to own a property.

Last updated on 29 Mar 2023

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