“Should I invest now?”


You would have read in the news that there has been significant movement in the markets.


Given the volatility, it would be wise to keep to prudent investing fundamentals.


It is crucial you only invest in products you understand.


Only invest money you have and can afford to lose

Borrowing to invest will increase your cost and add to your investment risk.


If you have not started investing, do not plunge in hurriedly to capitalise on what looks like bottoming-out prices.


Be sure to take the time to study the fundamentals of the company or sector you are considering investing in.


Know your risk appetite and invest sensibly with regard to how long you can keep the money invested.


Keep a long-term perspective on your portfolio. Stay diversified and watch out for get-rich-quick opportunities – if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.



Be sure to understand the fundamentals of investing before you enter the market. MoneySense has many resources that could be useful for you.


Consider paying off debts instead of investing if you have spare cash

No one knows how long it will take for the global economy to turn around.


Given the unpredictability of asset markets now, consider paying off debts instead of investing, if you have excess cash. Doing so can help you reduce interest payments.







“My finances have taken a hit. How should I manage?”


“I want to know how to prioritise and manage my debt.”


“I have issues paying my mortgage.”


“I have problems paying my insurance premiums.”


“My income has been affected because of COVID-19. What financial support is there for me?”


“Where should I go to look for a job or upskill myself?”


“How do I protect myself from scams?”



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