How to YOLO smarter

05 Nov 2018 | 4 min. read

How to YOLO smarter

We get it. We only live once and it’s right now. So let’s just seize the moment and live life to the fullest, right? That sounds all fine and dandy, that is, until our bank account runs dry before we have barely even started!

Here are some hacks to stretch our dollar and spend smarter.

Be a savvy fashionista

Challenge your creative side - your neighbourhood retail outlets may not be the swankiest, but you will be nicely surprised by what you may find. Use your fashion savviness to put together something uniquely you. Be different, be bold and stand out from the crowd! Shop around and hunt for the best buys.

But why shop when you can swap? Look out for clothes swap events. Visit thrift stores, online marketplaces and flea markets for pre-loved items. It’s not having the latest stuff that matters - it’s about how you make it look good!

High-end designer goods can look super swag, but they cost a fortune! For the same price, wouldn’t it be more fun to create several hot looks than confine yourself to just one bag? Remember, it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it.

Eat and drink wisely


Try packing food to work. It’s not easy but you get more bang for your buck than overpriced salads and bread buns. Be a star (or collect Hearts) when you share how you made your own lunch on Instagram, and encourage your friends to do the same. Budding social influencer, anyone?

If you must dine out and won’t settle for anything less than fancy and frills, then be on constant lookout for food deals online. Get vouchers for savings - they can be for as much as 50% off. Lots of restaurants offer 1-for- 1 deals too. Enjoy your meal and the savings might be enough for another meal!

Skipping your daily cafe coffee fix can save you money too. If you really need your daily dose of caffeine, give your office pantry’s coffee machine a chance. It’s free too. If that’s not good enough - buy yourself decent coffee bean and brew it yourself. The Barista in you will appreciate a slightly heavier pocket with a bit more cash.

Party it up like there IS a tomorrow

If you’re a hardcore partygoer, your motto might read something like: Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat. Here’s how you can get maximum pleasure at minimum cost.

Two words: Happy Hour. That’s all you need to know when scouring bars for more affordable drinks. Some clubs offer free entry if you get there early. Just make sure you suss out good party deals beforehand.

Alternatively, start your boozing at home. Why pay more for the bartender to mix your drinks, when you are just as adept at shaking it?

Travel smart


Make public transport your default mode of getting around. It may take slightly longer to get from A to B, but with all the new connections up and running, it is practically an air-conditioned breeze.

Consider this: Your cab fare from Punggol to the CBD could set you back by $20 or so. Hopping onto the train/bus instead means you won’t have to fork out more than $3 each way. Imagine what you can do with $17 in savings.

Not keen to huddle on the train or bus? Try private hire car sharing services like GrabShare, or GrabHitch instead to share the cost of the private hire ride, especially during peak hour. Who knows - you might even meet the person of your dreams on your shared ride!

Going somewhere nearby? Why not try one of those shared bike services? For 50 cents or less, some even offer long-term passes. You can bike around swiftly at less than the cost of your kopi. Better still, put on your fitness tracker, go on foot and clock some steps!

If you’re a regular night owl, the late night bus services have got to be the most affordable way to get home when you’re out late. SMRT’s NightRider and SBS Transit’s Nite Owl run across the island on Fridays, Saturdays and the eves of Public Holidays from 11.30pm to 2.00am.

YOLO, but do it smarter

Do it smart - if you want to live it up forever, take some control of your finances today.

So save up, and save smart with these nifty hacks!

Last updated on 16 Nov 2018