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​Getting ready for marriage
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Marriage needs more than commitment, it requires effort and skill. Find out how to prepare for your life and managing finances together.

Getting ready for marriage

Congratulations, if you are ready to settle down to married life!

A good marriage needs time, effort and commitment. Most people channel their energies into planning for their big day. But setting yourself up for a happy marriage is equally, if not more important than holding your dream wedding.

You should consider attending a marriage preparation programme, which helps prepare you for a healthy and enriching marriage and family life. Besides helping you to understand yourself and your future spouse better, these programmes also dive into topics such as practical skills on communication, conflict management, and financial planning.

Choosing the right programme

The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) and its partners have organised many marriage education courses to couples of various needs.

These include:

  • Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Programme (PREP): Evidence-based marriage and relationship education programme offered by MSF.
  • Marriage preparation programmes in the community: Conducted by approved voluntary welfare organisations.
  • Marriage preparation programmes for:
    • Singapore Citizen-Foreigner couples
    • Muslim couples
    • Minors
  • Premarital counselling: Helps couples prepare for marriage, work through issues and resolve differences. It also helps determine if they are ready for marriage.
  • Marriage support programme (MSP): For couples after marriage. It covers managing finances and cross-cultural issues.

To find the right programme for you and your partner:

  • Shop around. Compare the duration of the programme, location, class size and cost.
  • Decide together. See which programme suits you both.

Last updated on 05 Nov 2018