News and Events

  • My Money Seminar (1 July 2017)

    参加My Money 系列讲座学习如何明智投资,规划退休。席位有限,即刻拨 6227 2683 或 登入网址 报名参加。

    Join us at the upcoming My Money Seminar (Mandarin) at the NTUC Auditorium to find out how you can invest for your retirement!


  • How vulnerable are your devices to hackers

    Be it in public, at home or the workplace, your personal devices are at risk of being compromised if they are connected to the Internet through unsecured channels or not set up with proper protection. These are some of the ways hackers can do so and the damage they can do.

  • A youth's guide to travelling cheap

    Ask anyone around you if they would like to go on a holiday and you are more than likely to receive an answer which ends in the unoriginal Singaporean refrain - "no money lah".

  • How not to put it all in one basket

    Diversification is the key to success in navigating the markets, particularly during such uncertain times as these. One simple, convenient way for retail investors to deal with the uncertainty and volatility is to stay diversified across various asset classes and over time, through dollar cost averaging.

  • Share savings plans to kick-start your portfolio

    The Sunday Times highlights four Regular Share Savings (RSS) plans. PhillipCapital's RSS, launched in February 2002, was the first, followed by POSB and OCBC Bank in mid-2013, while Maybank Kim Eng's RSS was available from March 2015.