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We make financial decisions every day. This website provides educational information to help you manage your money and better understand financial products for your banking, insurance or investment needs. Find out about the things to watch out for when making informed decisions.

What is crowd-funding? What should I look out for when looking to participate in a crowd-funding arrangement? Find out more here.

Knowing Crowd-funding

Saving and investing regularly can help us meet our goals in life. Choose simple, low cost investment products that you understand, and invest in different products to reduce the risks. Find out more about Singapore Savings Bonds, corporate bonds and exchange traded funds.

Save and Invest

Watch your spending and avoid the credit trap. That swanky new watch or luxury bag may feel like a well-deserved reward for all your hard work. But spending beyond your means could hurt you and your family. Adopt good spending habits and manage your finances wisely.

Credit and Loans

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  • Starting Work

    Did you know that for the Year of Assessment 2017, there is a personal income tax rebate of 20% of tax payable to tax residents in Singapore, capped at $500 per individual? Find out more about money management if you have just entered the workforce and key things to note as a new taxpayer.

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    Credit and Loans

    If your total unsecured debts exceed 12 times your monthly income, you can now consolidate them with just one financial institution. The Association of Banks in Singapore has announced a Debt Consolidation Plan with 14 participating financial institutions to help you do that. This can lower your monthly repayment and offer you a revolving credit facility  while you pay down your loans.

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  • Be smart about paying with plastic

    Today, many people carry more than one credit and/or debit card as they offer various benefits and discounts. While paying with plastic is convenient, users should be aware of the different fees and charges, as well as be prudent about the way they manage details of their cards.

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    MoneySENSE Matters-Do You Have the Insurance Coverage You Need

    Term life and whole life insurance are now also available as Direct Purchase Insurance (DPI). DPI are sold without commissions and financial advice, so premiums are lower than comparable products. Find out more about life insurance and DPI. Read More

  • MoneySENSE Matters- Do You Invest In Bonds?

    Bonds offer stable returns that are typically higher than bank deposit rates. Relative to stocks, they are less prone to extreme price movements. Bonds are issued by governments or companies to raise funds. When you buy a bond, you are essentially lending money to the issuer in return for interest.

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    MoneySENSE Matters- Take Charge and Manage Your Debt

    To help borrowers avoid falling deep into debt, the Monetary Authority of Singapore has introduced a limit on how much outstanding debt you can owe on credit cards and unsecured credit facilities across all financial institutions. Read this article and participate in our short quiz! Read More

  • Financial Institutions Directory

    The Financial Institutions Directory provides a listing of the names of regulated persons in respect of the provision of financial services under the various Acts administered by MAS.

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