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We make financial decisions every day. This website provides educational information to help you manage your money and better understand financial products for your banking, insurance or investment needs. Find out about the things to watch out for when making informed decisions.

Use compareFIRST to compare the premiums and features of life insurance products in Singapore. Helping you make an informed decision for your protection needs.

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Direct Purchase Insurance (DPI) are simple life insurance products sold without commissions and financial advice.

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News and Events

  • MoneySENSE Matters-Do You Have the Insurance Coverage You Need

    Term life and whole life insurance are now also available as Direct Purchase Insurance (DPI). DPI are sold without commissions and financial advice, so premiums are lower than comparable products. Find out more about life insurance and DPI. Read More

    50plus EXPO 2015

    C3A’s 50plus EXPO is Singapore’s largest public education and consumer fair for seniors. Be empowered by tips, talks and information specially tailored to meet your 50 plus needs. Come visit our MoneySENSE booth to say ‘hello’ and learn more about investing for seniors! Read More

  • New SGX Trading Rules : What You Should Know

    Are you aware of the upcoming new SGX trading rules? Changes in the minimum purchase “lot”, minimum trading price for mainboard shares, and the move to collateralised trading may impact you as an investor. Read the article by The Sunday Times to find out more about the new rules.

     Read More

    Looking for a Cash Cow? Watch out for Scams

    What should you do when offered an investment scheme that promises high returns? Do you jump at it, or take time to do your research and consider the risks involved? You can easily find out if a company is regulated by MAS through the Financial Institutions Directory on this page. 

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  • Beware of Pitfalls in Overseas Property Markets

    With numerous foreign property advertisements promising high rental yields and capital appreciation, what should you look out for before committing to a purchase? Find out more from this article by The Sunday Times.

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    Home Buyers, Clueless about TDSR? Read on

    Not sure how the Total Debt Servicing Ratio framework applies? Read this article from The Sunday Times to find out how banks assess one’s eligibility for a home loan, and the common mistakes that borrowers make when applying for a loan.

     Read More

  • Financial Institutions Directory

    The Financial Institutions Directory provides a listing of the names of regulated persons in respect of the provision of financial services under the various Acts administered by MAS.

    View Full List.

    FID Search

  • Register of Representatives
  • Investor Alert List and
    Common Unregulated Schemes