Who Are You Dealing With

Check if the party you are dealing with is authorised by MAS.

Financial institution

Look up the Financial Institutions Directory on the MAS website to see if the entity you intend to deal with is regulated in Singapore, and the specific regulated activities it is authorised to conduct in Singapore. MAS only regulates entities with a presence in Singapore.

Is the individual you are dealing with authorised?

Find out more about the individual representing the financial institution you are dealing with. If he is authorised to deal in or provide advice on life insurance and investment products, he will have been assigned a unique representative number. You should request for your representative's unique number and conduct your own check on the MAS Register of Representatives. Use the Register to verify whether the person is an appointed representative, the regulated activities which the representative is allowed to conduct, the financial institution the representative acts for and if there are any suspensions, revocations and prohibition orders issued against the representative by MAS.