Types of Health Insurance

  • Critical Illness Insurance

    Critical illness insurance pays a lump sum either when you are first diagnosed with a critical illness covered by the policy, or after having a type of surgery covered by the policy. The lump sum does not depend on your admission into hospital or on your actual medical expenses. A critical illness benefit can be sold as a stand-alone plan or policy or be packaged into a life policy or as an optional rider to a life policy. Read more..

  • Disability Income Insurance

    Disability income insurance pays a fixed amount each month to replace the income you would lose if you are unable to work as a result of an accident or illness. These policies may pay up to 80% of your average monthly salary. The policy aims to ease your financial loss, but will not completely replace the income you earned before the accident or illness. Read more..

  • Hospital Cash Insurance

    Hospital cash insurance pays a fixed amount of money for each day you are hospitalised for medical treatment or surgery. The total amount paid under this policy may be more or less than your actual medical expenses. Read more..

  • Long Term Care Insurance

    Long-term care insurance pays a fixed amount of benefit each month towards expenses for long-term nursing treatment. There is usually a minimum entry age imposed and the maximum entry age is usually in the range of 70-75 years. Read more..

  • Medical Expense Insurance

    Medical expense insurance pays for certain medical expenses incurred because of an accident or illness. Read more..