Types of Insurance

  • Life Insurance

    A life insurance policy pays out an agreed amount known as the sum assured under certain circumstances. This will be paid to you if you are permanently disabled or critically ill, if your policy provides for this, or paid to your estate if you are no longer around. This money is intended to help you meet your financial needs and / or those of your dependants if these events happen. Read more..

  • Health Insurance

    An accident, illness or disability may leave you with some financial loss. To help you and your family cope with expenses at these times, there are different health insurance policies available. Read more..

  • General Insurance

    General insurance gives you some financial coverage against a range of events or losses which could be suffered, for example the loss of your belongings, or damage to car or house. If the event happens, your insurance company will pay you an agreed amount, or an amount to cover some or all of the loss. Read more..