Home Loans

Buying a home is probably the biggest financial commitment for most Singaporeans. It is a long-term commitment which should be carefully planned upfront. Before you start looking for a home to buy, first work out what you can afford as well as find out what you need to pay for and also about the loan amount you are eligible for. Even if you are eligible for a bigger loan, do not take it up unless you are sure you will have the resources to pay for it.

Find out more about fixed and floating rate home loans, how interest is computed, how to compare the different home loan packages, and other important information in the ABS-MoneySENSE guide About Home Loan - Key Questions to Ask Before Taking a Home Loan (English, Chinese).

In addition, your monthly mortgage payment may increase when interest rates rise. You can consider making pre-payment on your mortgage loan to avoid the build-up of interest payments. Find out more about how you can manage your mortgage payments.