Types of Products and Services

  • Debit Cards

    Debit cards are similar to ATM cards. You can use your debit card with your personal identification number (PIN) to withdraw cash from your bank account at your bank’s ATMs. You can also use it to purchase goods and services. Read more...

  • Overdraft

    An overdraft facility allows you to write cheques or withdraw cash from your current account up to the overdraft limit approved. It is a short-term standby credit facility which is usually renewable on a yearly basis. It is repayable on demand by the bank at any time. Read more..

  • GIRO

    GIRO helps you pay regular bills. It allows the billing vendor to debit your designated bank account to pay your bills. To set up a GIRO arrangement, you need to authorise your bank to allow the billing vendor to deduct the amount billed from your designated bank account. Read more..

  • FAST

    FAST (Fast And Secure Transfers) provides almost immediate transfer of funds between participating banks in Singapore. Find out how you may benefit from FAST here.

  • Cheques

    A cheque is a paper instrument that orders a payment of money from a bank account. A current account holder can write cheques to order payments of money. Cheques are provided when customers open a current account. Read more..

  • Credit Cards

    A credit card is a form of borrowing. It may be a convenient mode of payment as it allows you to buy goods and services without using cash, but it is not intended to be a long-term credit facility. Read more..

  • Stored Value Facilities

    The EZ-Link card, NETS FlashPay, NETS CashCard and shopping vouchers are examples of stored value facilities. Stored value facilities are prepaid instruments that can be used for the payment of goods or services up to the amount that has been stored in the instrument. Read more..

  • Money-Changers

    Money-changing involves an exchange of notes denominated in different currencies. Exchange rates may vary depending on market conditions and the money-changer’s cost of funds. If you need to exchange currencies, you may approach a bank or licensed money-changer that offers these services. It is against the law to operate a money-changing business without a valid licence. You should not engage the services of unlicensed persons. Read more..

  • Remittance

    A remittance service involves the transfer of funds to persons resident in another country or a territory outside Singapore. If you need to remit money to another country, you may approach a bank or licensed remittance agent that offers this service. Banks and remittance agents may impose different commission and exchange rates. However,do not choose the remittance agent based on cost alone. Be aware of the possible risks posed by different remittance channels. Read more..

  • Others

    Other services provided by banks include Standing Orders, Electronic Funds Transferred at Point of Sale, Payment Orders, Phone Banking and Internet Banking. Read more..