Guides and Articles



Infographic: Pre-paid Package Deals 

This infographic explains what a consumer should know about pre-paid package deals offered by businesses out there.


About Banking Accounts: What You Should Know

This leaflet covers the types of banking accounts available for consumers, as well as things to keep a lookout for when opening a new account.


Inclusion of Financial Products and Services in the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act: How Will This Affect You? 

This guide explains how the inclusion of financial products and services in the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act affect consumers. It also highlights what you can do to seek recourse if you have grounds to believe that a financial institution or its representative has not acted fairly in its dealings with you.


MoneySENSE Making Sense of Common Financial Documents Guide

This guide features financial documents which consumers commonly encounter but often do not find time to read and understand. Attached with each financial document are practical tips on how you can better manage your cash flow, manage your credit, provide for your retirement, protect against the unexpected and invest your wealth.


Making Sense of Your Finances – Bank Account Statement

A bank account allows you to make payments and financial transactions without the hassle of handling cash. Your bank will send you a consolidated statement of account showing your transactions every month. You should take time to verify the correctness of all details contained in each statement of account. MoneySENSE brings you through information in a bank account statement.

Introduction to Deposit Insurance

Singapore introduced a deposit insurance scheme for bank deposits on 1 April 2006. Click here to find out more about how the deposit insurance scheme affects you.

Small Weekly Payments Can Add Up to a Whole Lot More

The article "Small Weekly Payments Can Add Up to a Whole Lot More" is adapted from the NTUC Lifestyle Magazine (May 2011 issue). This article shows you how you can avoid paying interest costs by saving up to pay for an item in full.