IFL Videos

Watch these short educational videos produced by the Institute for Financial Literacy to get quick tips on how you can better manage your finances. Knowing and putting good financial habits to practice can go a long way to building your wealth!


Needs Vs Wants

Learn how to differentiate between Needs and Wants.



How To Pay Yourself First 

Learn the concept of paying yourself first.



Budgeting with Envelopes 

Learn about this simple yet effective method of budgeting.



Financial Net Worth

Find our more about the concept of Financial Net Worth


Common Types Of Scams

Four types of scams are highlighted in this video, namely Ponzi, Lottery Winnings or Overseas Inheritance, Phishing and Online Scams.


How To Avoid Getting Unhealthy With Debt

6 tips on how to avoid getting unhealthy with debt.


Managing Your Debt Wisely

Here are 6 questions that you should ask yourself before taking on more debt.


The Rule Of 72

The Rule of 72 can help you determine the approximate number of years it takes for a sum of money to double given an annual interest rate.



Wedding Tips

Here are some useful wedding tips from MoneySENSE.


The Effects Of Inflation

This video describes how inflation affects our spending and savings.