Mind Your Money - Episode 2

18 Oct 2011

Are credit cards a convenience or are they necessary? How many credit cards is too much? Credit cards, one of the five C’s for many Singaporeans, will be discussed in the second episode of Mind Your Money. The show, hosted by Melissa Hyak will feature radio deejay, Tim Oh. Despite having a string of credit cards, Tim will share how he manages his array of credit cards. MoneySENSE guests, Mr Mohd Salim from the Association of Financial Advisers and Mr T G Tay representing the Association of Banks will also be on the show to provide tips on how to manage personal credit and the responsibilities of creditors. Do turn on to Channel NewsAsia this coming Tuesday, 18th Oct at 9.30pm! Invite your family and friends to watch the show too!

Mind Your Money - Episode 1

11 Oct 2011

The debut episode for the MoneySENSE Mind Your Money TV Show went on air on 11 October, 2011 (Tuesday) on ChannelNewsAsia at 9.30pm. Melissa Hyak, the host for the show, together with Mark van Cuylenburg (The Flying Dutchman) and Nat Ho, and MoneySENSE guest - Mr J Parasurama discussed about the importance of saving and budgeting.

Smart Investing. Understanding Risks. Managing Your Money. (Mandarin)

10 Sep 2011

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